Artificial Intelligent / Internet Technology Company

Hello and Welcome.

Today we are going to share with you a Revolutionary Business
that was built to change the way we communicate online.

The name of this company is

It is an Artificial Intelligent / Internet Technology Company with
Real, Authentic, Proprietary AI Products.
100% Automated
100% Hands Free
100% Success Rate
100% Done For You Marketing
100% Done For You Sign Ups


Ash Mufareh is the CEO/ Owner, Founder and Visionary
of this one of a kind company.

His desire is to help the 97%
of us who have never been successful online.

Help us achieve the Financial and Time Freedom we dream of to change our lives
and as a result, able to help and serve those in need.

This is a chance of a lifetime to experience and use
products and technology
combined with Artificial Intelligence
that have never been seen.

ONPASSIVE is a Total Business Solution.
A Miracle Business Model designed for

Guaranteed Success.

ONPASSIVE has a Suite of Products consisting of everything you could
possibly need to run a business online all under one umbrella.

An entire ecosystem from
Domain Names,
Page Builders, Email Blaster, Funnel Maker, SMS Marketing, Total Communication System,
Video Online Education, Brick and Mortar Business Management Portal
just to name a few.

These Products are in High Demand Online Now,
so the market is unlimited.

As we present this Amazing Opportunity
that is going to launch in 2020,

let’s highlight the key ingredients of ONPASSIVE
that will sustain us all

for the long term.

Product or Service:
The Products are Real, Unique,
Authentic, Proprietary.
They are Digital products that
can go viral instantly.

The cutting edge technology is
sustainable and has massive room for
growth globally.

The price for these products are below market and superior quality.

Leaders and Business Owners:
Ash Mufareh is Authentic, Transparent and Experienced.

His goal is to serve others at all cost.

His Honesty and Integrity is evident.

He continues to build leaders who are willing to
improve their skills, willing to learn, grow and sacrifice.

This takes time, but we continue to be amazed at the growing number
of excited leaders in this company.

Pay Structure
This is a key element in any business.

ONPASSIVE has a Proprietary
and Unique Pay Plan that provides:

- Residual Income - recurring, sell once and get paid over and over.

- Unlimited Potential / No Cap - You get paid on the volume that falls under you.

- ONPASSIVE Drives Traffic For You!


- No Qualifications to Earn Income.
In other words, you do not have to recruit to get paid.

Company / Corporate Structure / Human Resources:

- USA Company Licensed and Registered in
over 200 countries.

- ONPASSIVE is Self Funded and Debt Free.

- We are Financially Independent and have a budget to
provide the people with what they need for success.

- Support is Key! Affiliates have a right to quality support and ONPASSIVE
makes this a priority..

- Technology is complete with ability to create and invent.

Now how do you get involved and take advantage of this Amazing Opportunity?

Today you can become a FOUNDING MEMBER for a one time payment of $97/$149.

This will lock you in the company pay plan before ONPASSIVE is launched
and introduced to the world.

During this pre-launch period, you can build a team by sending people to Zooms like this.

We are dedicated to helping everyone build their team of Founding Members before launch.

Once the company launches to the world, we all become customers of ONPASSIVE,
but we are also Independent Resellers of the Products which allow us to enter into the
Pay Plan and literally change our lives.

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